Identity Crisis!

Guitar Headstock Design Besides the body shape of a guitar I think a key part of any guitars identity is it’s headstock design. Perhaps more so than any other musical instrument. I’ve been so caught up in the construction of the neckstick for my wood bodied resonator guitar project that I kept putting this detail... Continue Reading →


“Stop, Hey What’s That Sound”?

...everybody look what's going down... (Buffalo Springfield) The Adjustable Sound Well In A Wood Bodied Resonator Guitar When I first started this blog I mentioned the interest I’ve got in developing some options for the player of this wood bodied resonator guitar to be able to adjust the tone. (click here to read earlier post) I... Continue Reading →

Artist Spotlight: R.J. Ronquillo

Your going to want to bookmark this post – lots of fun info in this one! From time to time I’m going to highlight an artist that has relevance to the projects I’m working on. Or – just because I like them! I ran into a Top 10 list this week that covered up and... Continue Reading →

Guitar Tuning Impact On Tone… It all has to measure up!

The best wood bodied resonator guitar, dobro, acoustic guitar, or any other musical instrument for that mater will sound terrible if not in tune. Being in tune is a given and not what this post is about. “Tuning” as part of the construction plan for this resonator guitar is what this project is all about.... Continue Reading →

Not raining but it’s time for an arc… The Resonator Slide Guitar Fretboard Radius

Worked out the bugs of my new neck radius jig. This set-up is working really good now and I’ve made both a 14” and 16” radius fretboards out of rosewood that turned out super nice! I was thinking of a compound radius of 12”-16” for this guitar build but decided that the average is where... Continue Reading →

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