Not raining but it’s time for an arc… The Resonator Slide Guitar Fretboard Radius

Worked out the bugs of my new neck radius jig. This set-up is working really good now and I’ve made both a 14” and 16” radius fretboards out of rosewood that turned out super nice! I was thinking of a compound radius of 12”-16” for this guitar build but decided that the average is where the majority of your playing is. Also, the complication of building a compound radius fingerboard wasn’t going to provide enough value on this project – maybe next time. Since the resonator guitar is played mostly with a slide, going a little flatter than 12” at the head would be beneficial.


For this slide resonator guitar model I’m going to use the 14” fretboard radius on rosewood. I like the look and feel of rosewood as a fretboard material. It sounds warmer to me and sands down to a really smooth finish. Old school construction would be with ebony or more likely a cheaper alternative stained with a black dye. The feel and finish may not be so important for a slide guitar however if set up right the slide rig can be a great fingerstyle guitar as well.


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