“Stop, Hey What’s That Sound”?

…everybody look what’s going down… (Buffalo Springfield)

The Adjustable Sound Well In A Wood Bodied Resonator Guitar

When I first started this blog I mentioned the interest I’ve got in developing some options for the player of this wood bodied resonator guitar to be able to adjust the tone. (click here to read earlier post)

I have started working on one of the “adjustable” tone part ideas: An adjustable sound well. Basically I am porting the Sides of the soundwell for a biscuit bridge resonator cone that the resonator cone sits in. These ports will have a slider that open/close to allow more/less airflow or vibration to mix with resonating tones in the body cavity and likely vice versa. There is opportunity to experiment with port size, hole size in the sliders, resonance of different materials, etc.

Ported soundwell position on body template

As shown in the picture, the ports are “aimed” at the larger open mass areas of the resonator guitars body. It will be interesting to see what comes of this. I’ll be doing some spectral analysis once this comes together to see how much of a difference open/closed as well as perhaps some of the other variables makes so consider yourself warned – there is a nerdy post in our future…

I am working through a very organic build process – I’ve got a plan and a plan to deviate from it. Open to any ideas and suggestions!

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