Artist Spotlight: Seasick Steve

Newest album release “Keepin’ The Horse Between Me And The Ground” contains a wide range of styles including Americana, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, some tracks that sound like the Black Keys. Top it all off with his own blend that could be described as nothing else than Seasick Steve’s very own.


If his music doesn’t entertain you then take a look at his instruments – hand built wacky designs of 1 and 3 string cigar box guitars. Others are made from oil cans, hubcaps, and my favorite: a washboard guitar that he strums, scratches, and thumps as a one man band showcased here performing “Roy’s Gang”.


Refreshing to find that he does also play more traditional electric, acoustic, and resonator guitars. Though I admit, Seasick Steve’s rag tag guitar collection makes me wonder why I’m working with exotic woods, stressing on accurate measurements and dialing in precise tunings. Perhaps I should go junk picking to find some real treasures to work with!

Want to learn some 3-string technique – yep Seasick Steve does that too!

Seasick Steve clearly has a work hard – play hard lifestyle that resonates through his music. You’ve got to check him out. His website has a great collection of music and videos that can entertain you for days. YouTube is loaded as well. For those of us in the USA a live performance opportunity looks bleak – his stomping grounds appear to reside almost exclusively in Europe. Bummer.

Cheer’s Steve – thanks for keepin’ it real!


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Seasick Steve: Upcoming Shows     Music

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