Wood Body Resonator Guitar [Build Update]: Neck Stick & Headstock

It’s been a while since I published an update to the resonator guitar project so here you go!

Neck Stick

Neck comp

The resonator guitar neck is now complete and ready for fitting into the body of the wood body resonator guitar. Two quick coats of sanding sealer were applied and then followed up with six hand rubbed satin poly applications. The neck turned out really nice – great feel I can’t wait to play it! All that’s left on the guitar neck is to install tuning keys and do the final shaping of my DIY unbleached bone nut blank. This will be done during the set-up phase.

See post “Toss Me A Bone” for a Step-By-Step process on how to make your own bone guitar nuts.



Head detail_logo seal

After working through a lot of stress centered on the headstock shape (see post “Identity Crisis”). I finally came to terms with a design I like for the Hijinx Wood Body Biscuit Cone Resonator Guitar. I decided to keep things simple and follow a few of the lines from the bottom of the fretboard basically mirroring them and added a bit more curve to the top corners. Once I put the new Hijinx logo seal in place it all just came together.

STAY TUNED – More to come on the adjustable resonator cone well!

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