What the…?!

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I’ve been working on the Hijinx Wood Bodied Resonator Guitar project for about 3 months now, along the way I have gained a few followers to this project via new blog and Twitter account (please share, retweet, etc… ALWAYS room for more!). I thought it was time to do a recap and bring everyone up to speed.

What the heck am I up to?!

I’ve got ideas that are being put to test through the build of a wood bodied resonator guitar. The basic concept is to create functionality in an acoustic musical instrument that the player can manipulate the tone of. Some actively controlled – some passively controlled.

I am quickly learning there is a huge leap from electric guitar construction to acoustic instruments – technically and physically. Both of which take time. So yes – this guitar project is taking longer than expected/progress has been slow. The tooling process has been a big undertaking on it’s own. And as I am trying to share what I’m up to too gauge interest I am also learning how to blog and be sociable. Yesh this is a stretch for me in many ways…

For this particular resonator guitar build project I am and will be testing the following:

Active Manipulation of a Resonators Cone Well.

The cone well is the shelf and pocket that the resonator guitars cone sits on/in. I am interested to see how I can manipulate the tone of the instrument by opening and closing “ports” in this part of the guitar. I believe this will be a subtle but effective adjustment that can be made by the player.

There is a post with more specifics that be read here.

Passive Tone Adjustments Via Swappable Parts

Construction materials are core to the tone of an acoustic musical instrument. Some brighter, some have more sustain, they can be dull, warm, etc… Pick your descriptor just about anything you come up with has been used to describe tone.

There are components that I think would be really cool to have a “set” of options when purchasing an acoustic guitar. In the case of a resonator I think of things like the biscuit, bridge, tailpiece, maybe even the nut. These would need to be constructed from different materials and tuned into a set-up such that you could change them without doing a major new set-up each time. This is tricky but believe it’s possible. Not all players are “tweakers” but they may still want a specific combination so the options being available would be a plus!

I don’t really see this being a constantly changing of parts but rather an exploration to find the combination of component materials that create the unique tone each of us pursue. Perhaps it’s the brightness of all brass? Warmth of wood or bone? What about a mix of brass, wood, and bone? Different woods? And at what position (neck, bridge, tailpiece)? These will be topics for future posts as the project progresses.

So What’s next?

There will be updates provided on the build, some fun posts like “Toss Me a Bone!“, and a few techie posts. I also like to feature artists in the “Artist Spotlight“(category link) from time-time. So far have highlighted relatively well known artists that play unusual instruments or have had a unique presence. I plan to start highlighting some of the artists that may be lesser known who are following Hijinx Guitars on Twitter. And of course when I have this guitar built…sound clips and player reviews!

If this project has your interest please share or retweet with any guitar nut you can think of! Twitter followers will get an automatic update on any of the posts to the blog.

Thanks for checking in. We’ll chat soon!



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