Resonator Guitar Wrap-Up


To all of you that have been checking in on the blog, forums, twitter, and email…Thank you! I always wonder if anyone is really interested in the stuff I put out there so it’s great to hear from you. The feedback has been much appreciated!

I’ve been a bit distracted by work, family, and some other projects and certainly owe some closure on the resonator guitar with adjustable cone well project.

To answer the burning question – does it work?. YES! well – sort of…

The mechanical aspects of the adjustable ring work well – more so on the rear bouts adjustment than in the front adjustment. This can be easily remedied on the next version. Impact on tone is minimal – I can hear a slight change but the amount is certainly not worth producing more instruments with the current design. And I’m not sure investing the time with spectral analysis efforts is worthwhile either at this point. I’d rather put the time on the bench (which I have been). The fact that there is some amount of change, albeit slight, tells me that there is a design to figure out which could bring it out more. My next effort might just be with a box/prototype that will enable me to experiment more before putting into a full-fledged instrument again. I should have done this previously but wanted to experiment with other build characteristics at the same time.

Regardless of the minimal adjustment, the base instruments tone and sustain I think is really good. Sustain in particular is surprising. The bone bridge gets a lot of attention (Thanks Leo! See: Another Bone To Pick – Interchangeable Trapeze Tailpiece [Part 1]) and will certainly carry into future designs.

I play this wood bodied resonator guitar when I can and make notes how to improve it every time in preparation for the next round. And yes – there WILL be another build.

Thanks again for checking in on my project! I’ve got a few others in the works that might also be of interest and will post some info about them. Besides the next version of a Wood Bodied Resonator Guitar I’ve got a custom Mandolin order I am working on and two Gibson L0/L1 style Parlor Guitars. The shop is happily – a mess!



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