Restrung & Ready To Play!

Carved Spruce Top, Mahogany Back, Sides, & Neck. Bone Nut & Bridge. “Vintage” finish with guitar string and dyed maple banding.

So after the wood bodied resonator build was complete, I had to turn my attention to some other projects – partially to sort out my thoughts on where to go next with the resonator guitar design, but also to complete a few other builds that had been keeping me awake at night. One in particular was a specially designed mandolin for my son. In Hindsight I should have documented that build, it was tough. It challenged me more than any of the guitars I’ve built. Tight bends, smaller pieces, and hand carving the top all contributed to a new level of complexity for me. I also tried out some different inlay and finishing techniques that are sure to show up on future builds.

I have also built a new bench, refined  my jigs, bending forms, and tooling. This form I plan to use for both cutaway and non cutaway models – note the compound curve of the cutaway insert on the form. Aligned so it matches up with the contoured heal of the guitar neck.


Then – I got distracted…(those that know me are not surprised).

CNCEnter Fusion360 CAD/CAM software and a desire to try using a CNC machine in my build process. This has been a HUGE learning curve and pushed me into some soul searching on how/when to use these new tools. I’m still not sure where this will end up but I’m going to take a stab at it.



With the CNC machine just about ready for use and test drawings/programs developed to work with I am finally ready to get back to building and plan to document these new projects as I go. I am going to get to work on a revision of the Wood Bodied Resonator and also construct a prototype for a slimmer dreadnaught design that features a unique rosette construction process using paper and straw. I’ve been thinking about using the same side bending/gluing form as the resonator but without the cutaway for the dreadnaught build. I’ve also got a L0/L1 Parlor guitar design in the works.

Lot’s to share coming up – time to get busy!


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