What the…?!

Please check out my blog today at hijinxguitars.wordpress.com! I’ve been working on the Hijinx Wood Bodied Resonator Guitar project for about 3 months now, along the way I have gained a few followers to this project via new blog and Twitter account (please share, retweet, etc… ALWAYS room for more!). I thought it was time... Continue Reading →

Wood Body Resonator Guitar [Build Update]: Adjustable Resonator Cone Well

Another big step completed, I think I can see my workbench again! Adjustable cone well, neck stick and top mocked up really shows what this guitar is going to look like. So far... I LIKE! Adjustable Resonator Cone Well Sliders are installed on the prototype and cone well is ready to attach to the resonators wooden... Continue Reading →

Wood Body Resonator Guitar [Build Update]: Neck Stick & Headstock

It’s been a while since I published an update to the resonator guitar project so here you go! Neck Stick The resonator guitar neck is now complete and ready for fitting into the body of the wood body resonator guitar. Two quick coats of sanding sealer were applied and then followed up with six hand... Continue Reading →

Toss Me A Bone!

  My dog Leo is a very caring dog and will share his bones with me anytime. Especially when he’s done trying to get “the good stuff” out of the middle… I’ve found that with a little effort Leo’s chew-toy bones are good bone guitar nut material. I just made a trade with Leo so... Continue Reading →

Impact On Tone – A must Read

This is a great article for any player looking to manipulate their tone - I just had to share it. While Joseph is referencing electric guitars the theories and application can also apply to your acoustic guitar or wood bodied resonator guitar. - Thanks for putting this out there Joseph Price! -Tripper By Joseph Price https://www.facebook.com/Soxymusic-120181894668529/?fref=nf If... Continue Reading →

Identity Crisis!

Guitar Headstock Design Besides the body shape of a guitar I think a key part of any guitars identity is it’s headstock design. Perhaps more so than any other musical instrument. I’ve been so caught up in the construction of the neckstick for my wood bodied resonator guitar project that I kept putting this detail... Continue Reading →

“Stop, Hey What’s That Sound”?

...everybody look what's going down... (Buffalo Springfield) The Adjustable Sound Well In A Wood Bodied Resonator Guitar When I first started this blog I mentioned the interest I’ve got in developing some options for the player of this wood bodied resonator guitar to be able to adjust the tone. (click here to read earlier post) I... Continue Reading →

Guitar Tuning Impact On Tone… It all has to measure up!

The best wood bodied resonator guitar, dobro, acoustic guitar, or any other musical instrument for that mater will sound terrible if not in tune. Being in tune is a given and not what this post is about. “Tuning” as part of the construction plan for this resonator guitar is what this project is all about.... Continue Reading →

Not raining but it’s time for an arc… The Resonator Slide Guitar Fretboard Radius

Worked out the bugs of my new neck radius jig. This set-up is working really good now and I’ve made both a 14” and 16” radius fretboards out of rosewood that turned out super nice! I was thinking of a compound radius of 12”-16” for this guitar build but decided that the average is where... Continue Reading →

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